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Steamer Chairs

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Our selection of steamer chairs can be seen below. It includes the following collections:

Alexander Rose steamer chairs

The Alexander Rose luxury steamer chairs include both traditional designs such as the teak, mahogany and karri collections, and more contemporary collections such as Avant, Ocean and San Marino.

Royalcraft steamer chairs

Royalcraft steamer chairs include acacia hardwood and teak and eucalyptus. Both are made with high quality wood from well manged sustainable plantations, many of which are FSC certified. There are also aluminium and cast aluminium steamer chairs patio furniture sets.

Europa steamer chairs

Europa steamer chairs are found in the Natural Stone collection, which has furniture sets made with a variety of stone and marble mosaic tops, and Summer Terrace, which are glass topped furniture sets.

You can refine the products displayed by material, brand and category below.

Material:      Brand:      Category: 
Royalcraft Acacia Napoli Steamer Chair with Ecru Cushion Napoli Steamer Chair with Ecru Cushion
Royalcraft Acacia Napoli Steamer Chair with Green Cushion Napoli Steamer Chair with Green Cushion
Alexander Rose Cornis Cornis Steamer Chair Cornis Steamer Chair
Alexander Rose Roble Roble Steamer Chair Roble Steamer Chair


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