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Rattan Garden Furniture - Rattan Patio Sets

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Rattan garden furniture has become very fashionable as both patio furniture and for conservatories/garden rooms. It has also become popular for the home in general. It is lightweight, very stylish and looks great in all situations. Our ranges include the Alexander Rose and Cozy Bay rattan collections.

Cozy Bay Rattan Garden Furniture

Cozy Bay rattan garden furniture is crafted from the finest materials and can be used indoors and outdoors. The synthetic resin weave material provides a beautiful natural look and feel and must not be confused with cheaper plastic offerings on the market. This superb rattan furniture is completely weatherproof, chemical & UV resistant, colourfast and remains rust-free and environmentally friendly. It can be kept outside all year and requires very little maintenance.

Alexander Rose Rattan Garden Furniture

We have several Alexander Rose top quality rattan garden furniture collections including San Marino, Ocean and Monte Carlo. The Ocean collection is woven with 7mm flat synthetic top quality 'Viro' fibre which is a triple tone bronze. The Monte Carlo rattan collection is woven in a traditional weaving pattern using 2.8mm round profile synthetic brown rattan. The San Marino collection is woven with 3mm round red pine top quality 'Viro' fibre in a traditional basket weaving pattern.

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