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Alexander Rose Roble Garden Furniture

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Alexander Rose Roble is a durable hardwood, naturally rich in oil and resins, it is a fast growing timber which can be harvested within 18-20 years of planting. Roble forests are 11 times more productive on a per hectare per year basis when compared to other forests, which may take 80-100 years or more to mature. Roble has a distinct yellowish colour with subtle hints of rich pinks through its interlocking grain. It is a strong hardwood with similar qualities to Teak, having excellent machining properties and a resistance to weather lasting 25 years making it ideal for furniture purposes. Alexande Rose FSC Roble timber is sourced from a responsibly managed forest in Bolivia, FSC forests are far more productive compared to unmanaged forests. Unmanaged forests can be cleared of all vegetation and trees, resulting in negative effects on the wildlife, habitats and indigenous people. FSC managed forests prevent this from happening by planting and harvesting responsibly.

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The following Alexander Rose Roble garden furniture ranges are available. Click on the images to see all the products in the Alexander Rose Roble range.

Brochure: Download the Alexander Rose 2018 Timber Brochure. Please call if you would like to order a combination of items in the brochure that are not available to purchase on our website.